Do Christians consider the Pentecostal Church a cult?


How about Messianic Judaism, do Christians consider that a cult?

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FB they are both trinity groups, I'm asking the Christians on this forum, not pastors or priests.  What do Christians say?

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    As a former Christian myself, I can say with some confidence that they don't, but they do consider them ridiculous.

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    Although they all describe themselves as Pentecostal, there are slight structural differences between them that cause division.

    Generally, a Pentecostal will eventually return home to the Catholic Church.

    We can clearly view the above with the slow integration presented in the charismatic movement that uses the Roman Church to gather within. 

    Today, only two documented Christian churches exist; Catholic & Protestant.

    The various churches that fall outside of the above usually gain the wisdom and knowledge to select an authentic Christian church to follow.


  • Paul
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    Not any more so than the thousands of other conflicting manmade denominations of Protestantism.

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    I have no problem with Messianic Judaism although I don't care for the ritualistic stuff.  I have two dear Jewish friends who became Christians.  One is a Baptist and the other preferred the Messianic Jewish services.

    I had bad experiences with Pentecostalism years ago and do not recommend it.  Most of the mega church false prophets who are fleecing the flock are pentecostal.  They tend to push speaking in tongues and other spiritual gifts that were sign gifts for the early church and not meant for today (per 1 Corinthians 13:8.)  Also, their music is unbearable.  I don't go to church to hear a rock concert.  So, yes, I would say that pentecostal churches are cults.  I prefer Baptist churches  although some  of them have gone down hill too.  And I am not pro-Calvinism. 

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    Uhh, to begin with, Christian pastors and priests *are* Christians. But never mind that.

    Cult might be too strong a word. It really does come from a Latin word that means "worship" but has taken on a negative cast that it didn't always have.

    The farther one gets from the ancient Christian faith believed by the Apostles, the less fully Christian one becomes. Pentecostals fall into two different camps: Trinitarian and Oneness Pentecostals.The former are much closer to the ancient faith than the latter. And some of both of them are closer to many in so-called "main-line" Christian denominations who have let their faith slip away.

    It's a tricky call, and not particularly useful.

  • Rod
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    The pentecostal churches do teach Jesus as Saviour and that salvation is a free gift from God through believing in Jesus Christ and the gospel (1Cor 15:1-4 & Eph 2:8-9)

    In that respect they are no different to the Baptists and other protestant/evangelical churches who teach the same gospel.

    According to the bible any church or group who preaches a gospel of works instead of grace (Rom 11:13 & 2Cor 4:4) is preaching another (false) gospel and are accursed by God (Gal 1:6-9)

    So one can't really call the pentecostals e.g  assemblies of God, church of God, new life churches etc, a cult because they do preach the gospel.

    Not saying they all do ---some do teach water baptism and speaking in tongues as evidence that someone is saved which is wrong.

    Don't forget the charismatic churches who also practice the spiritual gifts of the early church (1Cor 12:27-31) are off-shoots of the pentecostals and in my view some are cults or cultic --- e.g the word of faith/ televangelists and there false prosperity gospels etc,

  • If you were baptized you are Christian. Period. End of story. Now a Christian can fall away after baptism through sin but they are still Christian. (And Christians can go to hell). 

  • A. No  They are legalistic and a little whacky but not a cult.  Jesus is the center of their belief, not a man

    B. How can you possibly hope to gather us all up in one basket

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