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Clothes allowance for teen girls?

I have 15 & 13 year old gilrs. We take them to shop couple times a years for cloths & shoes. 

Currently I have plan to give the girls allowance the fixed amount of $ a year so they can buy whatever they like, they can save money or buy clothes with the allowance. 

The younger one immedialtly told her older sister give her whatever clothes the older one want to throw away so she can reuse them to save money .Normally the older girl would say yes yes take whatever you want so she can buy new clothes but Supprisely this time she said " I will keep all old clothes ". The younger girl ask " what would you do with old clothes? " The older one answer " it is mine I can do whatever I want".I am really upset about the older girl I belive she is selfish who doesnt want her younger sister save more money than her. 

did I really do any wrong here? I just want to teach the girls about resposibility , about money and about saving.

I have few plans :

- Plan A : give them same fixed amount of money and tell the younger girl pay few bucks for each old item she wants from her old sister , but sound really weird to me becuase It is crazy when sister has to pay for each other to get the old clothes . I am afraid I will creatve the bad habit

- Plan B : I will give more money for the older one with the condition she has to give her younger sister whatever old clothes she does want any more .

- Plan C : just do the old way 

Please help me on this if you have any better idea .

Thank you all so much

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  • Tj
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    hace 1 mes

    Avoid the problem, go back to the old way. Keep the peace, dont create a problem you never had.

  • Pearl
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    hace 1 mes

    i think thats a good idea

  • hace 1 mes

    I think it's much better to give them a certain amount of money and let them learn how to budget it. That's what I did with my daughter, and she immediately got over wanting designer jeans, instead looking for sales. I don't see a problem with A- the older will be motivated by wanting more money to buy her own clothes with. It's essentially capitalism at work, and might help prepare them for their future careers. 

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    I don't think this will teach them "resposibility."  This not in the USA (judged by your use of the English language).  Where is this?

    You have failed as a parent, by the way.

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  • hace 1 mes

    Buy them what they want. No silly allowance. Things like good clothes, the newest iPhone, video games SHOULD all be paid for by parents.

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