How much do I need to get on my Spanish final?

I have to take a final that is worth 10% of my grade. In the class right now I have an 85.84% (574.4 out of 700 possible points) What grade do I need to make on the final to stay in the B grade range?

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  • hace 1 mes

    574.4 out of 700 is 82%, not 85.84%

    Or do you mean that the total number of points in the class, including the final, is 700? So you have 574.4 out of 630? But, no, that would be around 91%. 

    I'm not understanding your math. 

    What is the total possible number of points available in the class? 

    80% of 700 is 560.

    80% of 770 is 616. 

    If your college does plus-minus grades: 

    83% of 700 is 581

    83% of 770 is 639.1

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    hace 1 mes

    Is there anything else that's yet to be graded ? Also look at your syllabus as some classes 

    require a higher than 80 percent average for a B ..

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