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My sister and I have to see my parents disgusting friends this weekend but cannot see ours because of COVID-19. What do I do?

I am so miserable by this and it makes me hate my parents friends. I am 16 and we cannot see our friends until there is a vaccine our Mom says because our Grandma is at risk. Yet, at the beach my parents are seeing various couples they are friends with and say it is fine because we are at the beach and not in Westchester County where we live. All my friends are back in Westchester County. I see some over Zoom and Facetime but that is all.

It is not that I hate my Mom's friends, I am sure they are fine people, but I hate that they see their friends when barring my sister and I from seeing ours anymore until there is a vaccine or schools go back. It is so hypocritical. Two weeks ago we were at the beach and some of their friends came inside with my parents only change is they are not having all over at once. Yet, I am barred from seeing any friends anymore until there is a vaccine or I am a grown up.

This is the worst summer, what do I do? I feel like it is never going to end.

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    Your parents are stupid. Plain and simple. If they are hanging out with friends, not wearing masks, they can possibly pick up the virus and start spreading it to you and others.  Your parents have the common sense of a gnat.

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    It’s safer to meet friends outdoor since there is circulation. In a house, there is no circulation so their spit can be hanging in the air for several hours so you can breathe it in and get sick. 

    If you want to see your friends, everyone involved get tested for covid and stay quarantined until the results come in. If it’s negative then you can visit your friends. 

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    I would go to your local Target and take a dump on the floor of the women's clothes section. 

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