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Why does my mum not feed me?

So I was asked to try a new dish I had never tried, which I tried and I did not like. I ate the rest of the dish, but left the new thing. My mum got mad and told me she wasn’t going to feed me anymore. She hasn’t made me food for weeks and I have to use my own pocket money to buy all of my meals. She feeds my siblings, who also didn’t like the food that I had. She always excludes me from packed lunches on days out. I’m 15, and I eat everything I am given unless I really dislike it. This is honestly the full story, I just want to know what Im doing wrong. Thanks


I wasn’t clear enough. By “doesn’t feed me” I also mean she won’t even let me cook my own food, so yes, cooking my own food is what I would do, but I’m left to either get fast food, or not eat. Sorry for not including that.

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    call the Children and Youth services in your area and ask them if what she is doing constitutes abuse.

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