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Can you get cancer from the chemotherapy itself?

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    the 'chemo' in chemotherapy kills everything, with the hope being that the good cells will regenerate, so no ...........................

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    Yes, but people don't want to learn and live.

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    I'm surprised at the answers here.

    Certain chemotherapy drugs (not all) can slightly increase the risk of secondary cancers.  Some chemotherapy drugs can cause changes to the bone marrow, which produces stem cells.  Secondary cancers are considered a possible long term late effect of childhood cancer treatment.  Some is due to radiation (particularly with a higher chance of developing breast cancer after radiation to the chest in childhood, which happens with children with lung mets from various cancers, as well as with some lymphomas.)  Some is due to chemotherapy drugs (particularly with a slightly higher risk of developing MDS or AML after treatment for solid tumors.)

    Maybe this doesn't happen as often in the adult world, since children have a much longer time frame to develop late effects.  Children do have more common and more serious late effects from cancer treatment.  This particular effect is uncommon in kids, but a possibility.  I've worked in peds oncology for over 15 years, and have had two patients who developed AML after treatment for solid tumors.

    All that said, this potential effect is the lesser of two evils, because without that original treatment, the child will not survive.

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    No, I don't think you can.

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    No.  Stop posting this idiocy over and over.

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    Chemotherapy kills cancer. Therefore it can't cause cancer. More likely that it'll damage you in other ways.

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