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Very vivid dream about being held down... What might it mean?

I know dream speculation is a bit silly, but I've never experienced anything like this before.  I am away from home at a hotel until Monday.  Last night I experienced an incredibly vivid dream in which something was restraining me so forcefully that I could not even will my limbs to move.  It also felt like I was seriously struggling to breath.  It was probably the worst nightmare I've ever experienced in my life, and ended only when I began to flail my legs, waking myself up.


Has anyone here ever experienced something like this?

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  • hace 1 mes

    Where in your Life do you feel restricted, almost helpless?  Your dream was focusing in on this side to your Life.  How is your family Life, or your work Life?  In your dream you used your mind to survive and surpass this strange feeling, so that shows me that your mind usually trumps your fears.  You were restrained and struggling for breath, so it seems as if it is a life and death matter you are dealing with.  Take some deep breaths and think about it for awhile and soon the answer will become very obvious to you.


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