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Should I go back to school during the coronavirus?

My school is offering two options for school this fall. I can go to school in a traditional format, but you have to distance yourself, wear masks, and you are not allowed to talk. The other way is to have a virtual learning plan format. Which plan should I go with? BTW this is a high school.

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    It's a tough choice. How ell did online learning work for you this spring? Some students can do well with it. Others can't. I don't necessarily think you're going to learn more if you can only sit in class silently listening to the teacher. That's not an effective way to educate. BUT many students need to see things like the teacher working through math problems, for example. Other things to consider are the ages and conditions of the people you live with. The risks to your health are relatively small, but if you live with grandparents, or people with underlying conditions, you could be putting them at risk. If your parents are healthy and under 50, it's probably better for you to go back to school. 

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    You should , the

    UK is going back with the same conditions., in September.

    Time to get on with life.


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    I'm retired now.  But when I was working, we had a flu that came through every year.  Everyone got it but me.  My feeling was that they got it from their kids.  Kids share flu viruses at school and then bring them home and give them to their families.  I never had kids, so I hardly ever got the flu.

    Now I'm not sure of this, but studies could be done to see if it's true.  If so, I wouldn't re-open schools, I'd do them all online.  The Internet makes that very easy!

    Assuming my theory might not be true, there are some kids who can learn just fine from books, but others for whom the classroom atmosphere is a huge  help.  (Less so if you can't speak or ask questions!)

    So look at yourself, at how you learn.  Do you learn more from lectures or from reading?

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