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Am I under obligation to let my girlfriend stay over at my place?

Her soon to be ex husband found out about us. He burnt all her stuff and kicked her out of the house. She has no place to go and needs to borrow some of my clothes. 

Some of my friends say this is a bad idea but it is my fault for getting involved with someone who is married. 

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    Yes it is a bad idea, but not the first you've had is it? 

  • David
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    First, you need to understand something.  You did nothing wrong.  YOU were not married to the husband.  YOU never promised to be faithful to the husband until "death do us part".  Some might question the wisdom of dating someone who is going through a divorce.  However, a woman can be ready to start dating years before she has a divorce decree in her hand.  So it's not up to me or anybody else to judge you for hooking up with a woman who (on paper) was still married.  

    If there is a guy in her life who is SOON to be her ex husband, then when he "found out about us", it appears he WAY over-reacted.  I mean, he couldn't possibly have been surprised that she was divorcing him.  Under the circumstances, did he realistically expect her to remain celibate for the rest of her life??????????????????

    Burning all her stuff and kicking her out of the house was severe overkill.   The guy definitely has some mental "issues", which may go a long way toward explaining why the marriage just didn't work.

    Now, you are asking if you are under obligation to let your girlfriend stay over at your place.  No, this is not your mess.  You had ZERO fault in causing the husband to act stupid.  

    However, if your girlfriend insists that she has nobody else to turn to, then it would be a really cold, cruel thing to do to tell her that she CAN'T stay with you.  If the thought of her staying with you makes you uncomfortable, then a compromise might be best.  Tell your girlfriend that you aren't ready to live with her yet, BUT that she is welcome to crash at your place for one month, to give her time to make other arrangements.

  • RP
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    As you've indicated, some of your friends have indicated the problem with getting involved with someone who is married, but there are people who would feel you have a moral obligation, regardless. Also, if you refuse to let her stay at your place, that will weaken your relationship, at best, and end it, at worst, assuming you want to continue it.

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    Shes just another ho like all of em.  Its not men responsibility to provide for these women.  If she pleases you invite her over for a shagging after that kick the loser out till next time you get a taste for her.  You think she only does it to him and not to you?  She will be nailing other dudes in your house while you are at work if you let her live there also you wont be able to bring other chicks to bang into your own house.  It is lose lose lose to have her there.  Smarten up dude or your next post here will be should I marry this ho? 

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  • y
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    hace 1 mes

    Bad idea, but if you still want her as a girlfriend, you just got a roommate. Good luck, you only know one side of her, the one she wanted you to see. Pretty soon, another will be seeing that side and you'll see the side her ex was getting. It is the cycle.

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