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What is the movie name?

Hello, recently I was reading a sci-fi novel and I found some similarities with a movie I watched about 10-12 years ago. It was on the TV and did not watch the movie completely and did not catch the name. I only can remember fragments of the scenes and storyline.

But storyline seems very similar.

People in a city disappeared suddenly. A team of scientists went to investigate. Few of them started getting disappeared too. They find that it some kind of ancient shape shifter being which is devouring human and then can mimic their appearance, voice, memory. They find that it is kind of like petroleum jelly and then able to destroy it with some kind of patroleum eating bacteria.

If anyone can remember the movie name, please let me know.   

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    saw it a few years ago. in the end, they think they destroyed it, but you see one on the agents in a bar talking to someone after he was killed earlier by the creature.

    sound familiar ?

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