Do you have respect for all faiths and beliefs as well as the same respect for those without faith or are you offended and dismayed by?

do not hold the same beliefs that you hold?


'those' that do not hold the same beliefs that you hold.   Apologies for that disgraceful typo. 

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  • Jea
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    As dishonest as religion has proven itself to be, I have a hard time to respect it.  Dishonesty isn't a very respectable trait.  Is it?

    Threats and violence reduce that respect even more, I have no respect at all for those who hate humanity

    I respect honest people, and respectful people.  Few christians qualify..

  • David
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    I would that all men had the same saving faith as I do.  But I am not offended by those with different beliefs. Dismayed, yes, because I don't want anyone to perish, but all to come to repentance,  I just continue to pray that God will extend them the mercy to find that faith before they die.

  • hace 1 mes

    I respect their right to their own beliefs but I do not necessarily have respect for what they believe. I believe my God IS God and, there is no other God.

  • hace 1 mes

    All men and women are equal under the law and I respect the rights and dignity of all human beings regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion, or race. The only prejudice I have is for ignorance, and deliberate cruelty.

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  • hace 1 mes

    Not all beliefs are worthy of respect. I do, more importantly, respect the right to hold and express a belief. 

  • hace 1 mes

    I'm not religious myself, but I respect religious belief because I think it fills a need in human nature.  Also, as a faithful American I believe in freedom of religion, ALL religion, not just one religion.

    That being said, I really dislike the a number of ideas that spring from religion, but are not actually 'religious'.

    The idea that there is one 'true' religion, that other religions are either silly or downright evil. 

    The idea that OUR religion should entitle US to special rights and privileges above others.  Because God loves us more.

    The idea that atheism is a competing religion.

    I think it's a TERRIBLE thing to teach children that their religion makes them 'special' and all their friends of other religions are going to go to horrible eternal punishment.

    The great irony of human history is that nearly all the wars, genocides, mass killing, etc., are fostered by religions supposedly based on universal love and understanding and brotherhood!

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  • hace 1 mes

    I'm an atheist.  So from my point of view all religion's are silly.  Some are sillier than others to be sure (Scientology), but they're all silly.

    But people have silly beliefs that have nothing to do with god.  There are people who think the moon landing was faked.  I have a friend who I respect a lot that I had to talk out of believing in a version of the Hollow Earth conspiracy.

    I'm sure I have some silly beliefs and just don't know it.  

    Someone's belief in one silly thing doesn't invalidate the rest of them.  And I recognize that while religion has zero proof or rationality behind it, it nonetheless can help some people.  There are people who swear that finding Jesus turned their life around and made them reject crime or drugs.  I would argue that those are the people who probably would have managed without religion, but they believe religion was their inspiration.  

    Why would I want to take that away from them?  So while I am an atheist and I do advocate for atheism...and can get snarky about it sometimes, especially when provoked, people who are practicing religion without trying to force it down other people's throats are people I respect and don't 'go after'.

  • ?
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    I don't argue 

     But mine is the pnly right one 

  • I am comfortable that other people have different beliefs provided that these don't attack mine or bring it into disrepute by claiming to be the same as mine.

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