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Morning after pill ineffective if you weigh more than 70kg - I weigh 75kg?

On a pharmacy website it said that the morning after pill is ineffective for women who weigh more than 70kg. I weigh 75kg but I have a healthy BMI - 23.6. I am a tall woman which is why me weighing 75kg is not so bad. Because of my tall height does that make the "ineffective if over 70kg rule" irrelevant? I also took it within 72 hours of having unprotected sex like advised. 


I'm 5'10 in case anyone asks

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    No, 5 kg is not significant; the 70 kg is the pharmacy go-to weight which all meds are based upon, its really a number not particularly based upon reality.  Height has no bearing, the weight is more to do with drug distribution and liver clearance. In any event you are fine.

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    well they need to remove that as it's a load of garbage

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