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Are shin splints a cause of over exercising?

I have as of about a week or so ago began exercising on the treadmill in an effort to lose some weight. I have been to the gym everyday for 8 days straight but I find that my shins start to hurt around 20 minutes into running on the treadmill(usually run around 1/2 hour a day). I have been varying the incline and speed. what can you do about this.

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    There is a difference between having sore muscles because you aren't used to exercising and having shin splints.  The ONLY "cure" for shin splints is to rest them until the inflammation goes away -- sometimes several weeks. It can take 3-6 months to fully heal from shin splints.  To be honest, it is unlikely that you developed shin splints in just 8 days. Icing and NSAIDs can help the pain.

    I would suggest any and all of the following:

    1. Weight loss is 80% diet, so take a few days off from the gym and focus on your eating plan.  

    2. Check your shoes.  Shin splints are often the result of not having enough arch support.  If you are going to use running as a daily exercise, you really need to invest in a good pair of shoes.

    3. When you return to the gym, warm up, cool down, and stretch. If you just hop on the treadmill or other device, do you 30 minutes and then go home, you aren't caring for your body correctly and you be sore and stiff as a result.

    4. Mix up your exercise. If you're going to a gym, you have LOTS of options. Stay off of the treadmill. Instead, try a spin bike, or elliptical or rowing machine. Try a low impact aerobic or yoga class. Go for a swim. There are lots of ways to burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness that don't required high impact running.

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    Shin splints are the absolute pits! I agree with Mamawisdom - have a look at the shoes you're wearing. I get shin splints a lot, because I can't find proper fitting shoes that I can afford.

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    For shin splints the only thing you can do is rest them.  Suggest you don't run more than every other day.   Better find a no impact machine to use, like an elliptical.

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