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physics (urgent!!!)?

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    We know that at resonance the capacitive and inductive reactance cancel leaving only resistance 

    when ω² = 1/LC = 4π²f²

    1/(L*4π²f²) = C =1/(3*4*3²*4000²) =  5.79e-10 <<<<<

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    π=3 ?? silly question ...

    reminds me of:

    Indiana House Bill #246. The most famous -- and only known – case of a state legislature in the US attempting to create by law a new value for pi was that of Indiana in 1897; it has become legendary, and the basis of myth and hoax.

    to answer the question, you want the resonance point where Xc = Xʟ


    2πfL = 1/(2πfC)

    2πfC = 1/2πfL

    C = 1/4π²f²L = 1/4π²(4000)²(3) = 5.3e-10 F

      (using the correct value for π)

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