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How do I convince my parents that my cat has tapeworm?

I’ve done my research and I believe my cat has tapeworm. We treated him for roundworm because he had been acting sick and we believed that’s what he had, but he didn’t poop out any worms or anything. Today I found what I believe to be tapeworm segments on my bed where he had been sleeping. I looked through multiple sources and it seems like I’m correct in thinking that what I found was tapeworm segments. I put all of my bedsheets in the washer  on hot water, I’m hoping that if there are remaining segments it will destroy them. My mom doesn’t believe that what I found was segments from a tapeworm. I’m just not sure how to prove it to her because from what I’ve read I know that in some cats the only symptom will be the tapeworm segments.

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  • Ocimom
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    Take the cat to the vet to be checked and properly treated.  You guessing what the cat has is not doing the cat any good and giving meds w/o a vet is the wrong thing to do - you realize wormers are poisons and can do more harm then good if the cat is not infected.

    BTW tapeworms come from fleas, so if you have fleas then its likely the cat has tapeworms.

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    wherever your cat sleeps there will be tapeworm segments (the look like orzo)  print up a picture you find online and show your parents next time, and make sure they know that humans can get them.

  • Anónimo
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    Take it to a vet and get the diagnosis from a professional and medicine if needed. Humans can contract the tapeworm. That is no joke.

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    they dont want to pay for anything is the problem...they believe you allright...

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  • hace 1 mes

    The ONLY way to "prove it" is to take a stool sample to the VET

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