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Was my therapist correct or was I misinformed?

So five years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar manic depression at 15 I disagreed with the diagnosis and I decided to get a different opinion from the clinic that I currently go to. My counselor and two nurse practitioners concluded that I do not meet the criteria for Bipolar Disorder. I had asked her yesterday if she had written down that specific conclusion down in my records so that I can get written proof that they agreed that I was misdiagnosed. She said that she did not write down anything like that in my records and I told her that if they concluded that I did not meet the criteria for bipolar then they should have that in writing. She then told me that just because I do not meet the bipolar criteria now does not mean that I did not five years ago. She told me that I could have had bipolar at 15 and that now it could have gone away. Is that even possible? was my therapist correct or was I misinformed?


I also forgot to mention I was diagnosed with ptsd and borderline from my current clinic.

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I also forgot to add I have never taken any medication for the Bipolar diagnosis I was prescribed medication by the previous clinic, but I never took it. Along the way other counselors did not see any Bipolar symptoms through out the time of my teenage years outside the clinic I just don't have that documented.

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    If you stayed within the same healthcare system then everything you say should be in your notes and you should be able to ask to see a transcript. Diagnoses can and do change as a patient develops and/or more information comes in. It was probably a miss-assumption on your part rather than you being deliberately misinformed.

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    First of all, you were far too young to be diagnosed with it then, as it’s stoically not evident until after the late twenties. See a new therapist 

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    You very well could've had bipolar disorder at 15 and don't now have it at 20. Some people do get well from mental illness, especially during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. 

    Your counselor isn't going to write that you were misdiagnosed five years ago because she doesn't know that you were. She didn't evaluate you five years ago. All she knows is what symptomatology that she's observed in you now years later isn't sufficient to give you a differential diagnosis of bipolar disorder, so if you had it back then, she's not seeing enough evidence of you having it anymore to diagnose you with it now.

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    Therapists shouldn't change their diagnosis, a nurse can't diagnose your mental health conditions either.

    If you're still taking medications as well, i've never met a doctor who would change their patients diagnosis

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