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Does PlentyOfFish delete inactive accounts?

So last week an old schoolmate told me she saw me on PlentyOfFish, but I'm not actually on it, I've had a girlfriend for 8 years and we're still very much together so I have no reason to be on a site like that so that old schoolmate showed me the profile it's obviously a fake account, However I tried contacting POF to have it removed claiming it's fake but the profile has a pic of me and full-on bio and they said unless I could provide current email address for the registered account there was nothing they could do, I haven't gotten any emails on my own email address from them so I'm thinking it's best to see if the account gets deleted because of inactivity but does POF do that?

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    I think you need to respond to them and explain they have made a mistake.  You can't have email access to an account you don't own.  You can tell them this is a stolen Identity and that you are considering legal action should they not comply.  It's a bit harsh, but you do want to impress on them the fact that this is important. You didn't lose access to the account, someone has stolen your Identity. 

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