Isn't this proof enough that America needs to purge their 'youth' and try again, before the kids kill the rest of us?

I'm assuming that a lot of those kids aren't liberal traitors, either, so this stupidity goes beyond party lines at this point. If even "patriotic" kids are willing to take down other people when they potentially kill themselves, isn't that proof that we need to purge their generation and try to raise new kids who aren't so suicidal and without loyalty to anyone? What idiotic fools think kids who will kill you because you're "annoying" and "inconvenient," or you tell them "no," is a GOOD idea for the future?

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  • hace 1 mes

    Friend there is a little spoken of principle that Jesus Christ taught and if everybody followed it for just one hundred years every single problem on planet Earth would be drastically corrected. Get busy with a distraction of a spiritual nature devote yourself to God and religious things and really focus on that and don't have any children. Abstain from all sex and all children until the planet Earth population thins out that way everybody will have more than enough land and houses and cars and etcetera you don't have to kill people just stop making babies it's that simple stop making babies and we'll have plenty enough to go around when the population is thinned out. By that time we will an educated each other on how many children that we should have and how to have sexual practices that don't fill the Earth up to the very top with bodies

  • hace 1 mes

    Don’t worry. Your fuhrer is trying his best to start a war which will eradicate most of your youth.

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