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Should I call him out on his bullsh!t?

This guy (who I've known for a year now) claims he "loves me more than anything" won't even bother reading simple question that I texted him yesterday on facebook messenger, but he has been logged into facebook for 2 hours now this morning.

If he really loved me, why can't he take 2 seconds to read and respond to my text?

I believe no response is a response and proof enough that he doesn't really love me. But should I say something to him about it? If so, what should I say?

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    No offense but I would move on. Actions speak louder than words. It’s easy to say I love you, to actually show it takes more effort. It sounds like he’s just straining you along to stroke his own ego. Dump him and find someone who sees your worth and will show you how much they care for you, not just spout hot air. 

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    You could just go on about your day and see where his head is at once he responds . This doesn’t mean get all possessive . You have to keep your cool . Once he starts realizing he loves you as much as he claims to, he will start messaging you back more and more. If you feel the need to stick around with the guy that doesn’t seem to know what he wants at the moment, you surely can. It should give you time to think about the relationship .

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    im a guy. trust me. he's a ****.

  • Alan H
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    Talk is cheap.

    Talk to hime: say 'Goodbye'

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    diditn read ur question but yeah probably

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    If you really like him, say something, he just wants girls and dont care what they say

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    I think I have the same mindset as you, by default, but over time I've learned to recommend waiting.  In the past I've gotten very angry with people only to find out they had to go to the ICU and were on messanger connecting with relatives.

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    TWO HOURS?!?! ridiculous. run away. i have my facebook msgner open at ALL TIMES every DAY. Slay queen. Let me be your king. live the rest of your day out on the harriot farms 

    -single american 

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    Guys and girls can be very oblivious to messages and things like that. Sometimes if they're busy they forget to message back even just seeing that the message is there they can try to think of a response, they get distracted, and then they forget that they never even replied and they sometimes probably think they did. I've done that millions of times and as a mom sometimes i just flat out don't always answer because in my free time im able to do what i want but that doesn't usually include messaging people back. Just because i feel like that's something that i could do at a time that i actually feel like doing it. But don't stress about it you know him more than we do and im sure he does love you more than anything i really think that guys just aren't as into messaging back and forth as some girls can be. I wouldn't take it personal but if it's bothering you that much then i would talk about to him because it sounds like it's to the point where you can't get it off your mind and maybe talking to him will help you get it off your chest.

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    If you believe what you do, what would be the point? Maybe it would be better to just move on with your life. Words are just words when they aren't backed up by a person's actions, but challenging those words seems like a waste of time to me. Besides, what if you are wrong? You'll just be embarrassing yourself making an accusation with no actual proof.

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