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What should I say to my idol when I meet him?

This is a person who I discovered in 2014, and his music helped me through my depression and helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. 

It's always been my dream to meet him at his concert and have VIP. I didn't get VIP in 2018 because his VIP sells out fast, and I was devastated. However, I got VIP for September 2020. Because of coronavirus this got postponed to April 2021 and it will likely be postponed again. I am insanely excited but also nervous.

My friends say I'm overthinking this and said I should just say "Your music helped me through my depression." And that he will absolutely love hearing that.

However, one person said, "It doesn’t put pressure on them. But it puts a burden on them. Especially a smaller artist. It isn’t fair to push your past onto a stranger, celebrity or not. It sounds harsh, but they are absolutely another human being. If i had a tiktok follower that said “Your tiktoks helped my depression!” or something i would be really upset by that

So the question is should I tell him or not? It's 10 seconds and I only get to say one thing. I'm extremely nervous and thinking months ahead because I know I will remember this interaction forever even though he won't. I want to remember this as a positive one.

If I don't say that, I still want to tell him his music had a major impact on my life without making him uncomfortable.

Should I tell him about my depression? Why or why not? If I shouldn't say that, then what should I say?

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    Saying "hello" or "nice to meet you" would be the logical choice.  This person has an obligation to "meet and greet" all of the fans and engaging in further conversation just slows him down.  

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