An object projected upward with initial velocity Vo attains a height h.?

Another object projected up with initial velocity 2va will attain a height of (a) ½ h, (b) 3h, (c) 4h, (d) same.

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  • Ash
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    hace 1 mes

    s = (V₀² - V²)/2g

    At max height s = h and V = 0

    h = V₀²/2g

    New initial velocity =  2V₀

    then new height = (2V₀)²/2g = 4(V₀²/2g) = 4h

    Answer (c) 4h

  • hace 1 mes

    Answer (c). 4h

    Speed is doubled so the kinetic energy increases 4 times (KE = ½mv²). That means the potential energy at max. height is increased by 4 times (PE gained = KE lost).  So the height increases 4 times (PE = mgh).

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