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how much weight will i lose on a 5 2 diet?

i eat 1200 for 5 days then 500 for 2 days. How much do you think I could lose in a month if I exercise too? I currently weigh 180 pounds

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    That depends on your BMR, what you do for 'exercise' (what type, how long, how intensely). A healthy rate of fat loss is 1 - 2 lbs/week. Up to 3 lbs/wk can be done in a healthy manner, but that requires a significant calorie deficit and isn't easy to do. 


    Use this calculator to determine what your calorie intake should be for fat loss. 1200 is quite low, unless you are a very small/short person. If you drop calories too low you lose muscle, which means you slow your metabolism. When that happens, it makes it easier for your body to store fat when you end your fat loss program. Remember, this needs to be a lifestyle change, in order to maintain the fat loss. Follow a program that is sustainable for you long term. 

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    With no exercise around 8 pounds every four weeks. With exercise...depends on how much and what kind of exercise.

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