why do computers cost less at Walmart than Best buy?

are walmart computers less quality?

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    They buy in bulk and get reduced prices from their supplier. Plus they could be configured just for them with cheaper components.

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    You generally get what you pay for. Walmart specializes in selling cheap lower spec computers and Best Buy is all over the place in what they offer.  Because Best Buy offers so many different options it is harder to find a better deal there.  You also need to be very careful to understand that most people will need a decent computer just to browse the internet.  Walmart will offer computers less than $300, which seems like a great deal, but usually ends up being a complete waste when it becomes almost useless in a year.  

  • hace 1 mes

    Based on my experience, the Walmart computers are lower-end, with lower-end components. Their market is people who want a computer for basic functions.

    Computers at BestBuy are considerably better. The last time I purchased a computer from them, I was able to customize some of the parts to make it better for my needs

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