How to generate multiple Excel files using macros?

I am a lecturer that is trying to generate up to 250 Excel workbooks. I know absolutely nothing about coding, but I figured it must be possible to generate workbooks without manually having to do so? I need my workbook names to be unique, and I need each workbook to have different amounts of rows hidden, and password protected. For student 1, 1 row will be hidden, for student 2, 2 rows etc. I need these ranges to be password protected so that they cannot be edited.I am training them in modelling financials and due to online learning limitations, I want to give them 1 case study, but I want their workbooks to be structured in such a way so that plagiarism is more difficult to achieve. By hiding these cells, they will have to manually enter their own formulas, which won't prevent cheating, but at least they will do an extra part themselves. Any advice on tutorials I can watch/ programs to use that can help me achieve this faster than doing each one individually?

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    An interesting concept... writing a macro to create 250 workbooks could be done fairly easily. Create a list of student names in an Excel worksheet, then write a VBA loop to create a new workbook for each name in the list. However, that begs the question... where are they to be saved? On your computer, then copied to each student's computer? Or...?  More information is needed.  

    As to preventing plagiarism, it might be simpler to have the students place all formulas in the same cells in the workbook.  Then, write an 'audit' code to loop through all formulas comparing for exact matches and printing out a list of student names and matching formulas.

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