The washing machine shakes the whole house and I was wondering if the friction could be considered as disturbing the asbestos ceiling.?

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    OK. Unless you have a report from a testing lab, you do not know if the material is asbestos or not. Have it tested with a local lab. You can not tell from a picture or the naked eye. I was an inspector for 30 years. If it is asbestos, there is a problem. Vibration of material is a standard evaluation of asbestos hazard. Get your washer fixed.

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    Your ceiling isn't asbestos, first of all--and second of all, you need to have your washer fixed--either one of the belts is broken causing the vibration, or it's not level, or its loads are unbalanced. Washers should NOT SHAKE. It's the washer you need to worry about more than the ceiling. 

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    Ceiling is not asbestos. it is fibreboard. Asbestos is a rock so much too heavy. Rather have something light fall on my head.

    It is not friction that is causing the machine to shake.  It is heavy on one side.  Like a wool sweater or pair of jeans.  Shuffle the stuff around and it runs smoother.

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    If this happens with EVERY load...............then you need to move, the washer, and install a raised platform to have a solid surface for it to sit on.  I recently had this issue and after building a platform (for both the washer and dryer) no more shaking.

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  • drip
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    hace 1 mes

    Readjust the feet on the bottom of the washer.  Balance the washer. 

    There are rubber pads to put  under the washer and rubber covers to over the feet

    Are you noticing any little debris under the washers or the floor below coming from the ceiling? 

  • gerald
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    hace 1 mes

    Then stop overloading it 

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