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Which country is good for it Canada or Australia? ?

I'm a 28 old freelance graphic designer and have a diploma in multimedia. I live in Sri Lanka. I have 5 years of freelance experience I have never work in an office. I'm planning to do a degree in UI & UX design side. I want to settle after my degree . Which country is good for it Canada or Australia? (Easy PR Pathways, Jobs, Opportunities, Work Balance, Living cost & family life )

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    Most consider Canada a better place, but, Australia is s close it doesn't make all that much difference.  If you are from Sri Lanka, you might find Aussie weather better, but, the cost of living (wages - accommodations, food, etc.) is better in Canada. 

    While I live in Canada, if I weren't here, Australia would be my 2nd choice of all the countries in the world.

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    Both countries have no shortage of graphic designers, and few full-time jobs in the field. Most freelance, as you do. No chance of going to school there for a degree & qualifying to remain there. 

    Since the covid-19 pandemic, rapidly growing numbers of people are working from home: telecommuting for their current employers, freelancing, per-project independent contractors, owning an internet-based business, etc. Expect rapidly declining numbers of jobs for foreign workers, especially for anything which can be done remotely. E.g. Twitter & other companies have already announced their plans for almost all workers to telecommute or work remotely per-project. Also, many companies & their jobs are gone. Tens of millions of workers in US, and millions more around the world, have lost their jobs & those jobs will not return. Do not expect to be able to get temporary employment visas or skills-based immigration in the future, especially for any type of work (like graphic design) which can be done remotely. The world has changed. You have better chances of picking up projects internationally & doing the work from your home in your own country, if you have a reputable degree, portfolio, and recommendations of prior clients.

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    Nothing to do with what you want, it is about what the country wants and neither country is in short supply of 'graphic designers' who can't even do basic research like search and find Canada and Austrialia immigration websites... you would not get a visa to live/work in either

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    All Countries have immigration procedures. Most have lists of skilled workers that can apply for jobs. You can't just turn up and look for jobs. You won't get past immigration at the airport.

    You need to look online for immigration rules in those countries. Australia is tightening up on foreign workers.

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