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Child support, legal advice? ?

My boyfriends dad was the custodial parent that collected child  support. But he went to prison when my boyfriend was 11 (now 25) so my boyfriend went to live with his mom. But they still collected child support from his mom until he turned 18. But he nor his mom knows where the money is. Is there anyway to find out? Is that something he can get ahold of now? We have a baby on the way, i lost my job with this corona mess AND was denied for unemployment. I feel like crap not being able to contribute, that extra money would be a really big help. This situation is rare but maybe one of you guys/ladies have heard of it? Any advice is good advice. Thanks in advance. Oh yeah we are in Texas don't know if that matters. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    That money is long gone.

  • Maxi
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    That should have been sorted out, when he was 11 by his mother....  and reality is parent who had custody ( mother) would not continue to pay when they have the 'someone' is not telling the truth and even if they were so stupid as to continue to pay it, it NEVER belongs to the child, it is to help the parent pay for housing, clothing, food, ALL of which your bf got and 'if' it was 'collected' and never recieved by the jailed father or 'if' it is in some account somewhere ( VERY unlikely) your bf and you have zero claim on it.

    Unfortunatly it is not rare that children once they are an adult and are making a mess of their lives think they are entitled to money they have no entitlement to and even more common that a gf or bf so no relation what so ever thinks they have some entitlement to poke their nose into busness not of their concern...

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    His mom should have gone to have the support order changed.  He cannot get the money.  He is never entitled to it.  At best, it is his mother's money.  If his mom was receiving state benefits for him, that is where the money went. 

  • Anónimo
    hace 3 meses

    This is confusing.

    When his mom was the non custodial parent, she, quite rightly, paid child support to the parent who had custody, or dad.

    However, when he went to prison mom, as the now custodial parent, doesn't pay child support to herself. Did she even tell anyone at the time of her change in circumstances?? Doesn't sound like it to me.

    Incarcerated parents can only pay child support during that time if they have enough income or assets to cover the payments.

    Either way, the money is NOT your boyfriend's. It is his mother's and it is up to his mother to challenge this. Perhaps she needs to seek legal advice.

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