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What are good Action-Romance animes?

Most animes focus only action without any plot or characterization eg. Dragon Ball Z.

Are there animes which focus equally on Romance and action like SAO (which was terrible)

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    Though its not an anime, Superman was always an action-romance.  So was Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Spider-Man, and even the Incredible Hulk.

  • Basilisk (The anime, not the snake).

    Umm?... Sailormoon.

    I think that's about all I can think of. The rest is romance but no action. Then there is action with very little romance and you're not asking for those but I think I'll list a few that I can remember.


    Eureka Seven.

    Bio Hunter.

    Virus Buster Serge.

    Fatal Fury 1 and Fatal Fury Motion Picture.


    Accel World.


    I don't remember much from Elemental Gelade but I remember the main character has a romance with his sword. Usually, when I don't remember anything from that show, that means I didn't like it. But you could check out Elemental Gelade to see if you like it.

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