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i dont know how to escape my brother?

i honestly think he's a genuinely awful person.

im 15 and live with my 3 siblings and my parents. my two other siblings and i get along normally. however my older brother hates me for no reason

he knows i am sensitive to noises such as clicking, whistling and other mouth sounds, so whenever i am near he constantly makes these noises, and with online school im finding it hard to concentrate with them. the noises also rlly upset me idk why and my parents think im being pathetic so wont help with that issue.

the other issue is he is really immature. he's 17 and doing medicine related A levels but he doesnt get up on a weekend until 2pm and on an online school day till 10:30 (his class starts at 9.) he's constantly grumpy and when he's not grumpy, his 'happy' mood is basically him being annoying, making the noises i hate and him not shutting up for hours.

he steals and breaks my stuff - i have a door curtain which he constantly pulls down for stupid reasons, eg i use 'his' bathroom (even though it was renovated for me and him as we both sleep upstairs) or i tell him to stop making noise. 

today, he was mad at me after i shut his bedroom door because i couldn't concentrate on my work with him whistling and he got really pissed off. i later found out he hid my two £50 jackets in a bush in the garden. he denied it and we only found them thanks to my dog. i never wouldve gotten them back. this **** goes on and on. 

idk what to do. i cry everyday and cant deal w it.

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    THE WAY TO DEAL WITH A SIBLING WHO IS A BULLY IS TO IGNORE THEM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Simply show no sign that he is bothering you and he should eventually stop. Yes, I know it will be hard but you HAVE to do it if your parents won't intervene. You need to understand that he is frustrated and angry about his own problems and bullying you makes him feel powerful in a family where the only control he has is over you. The only way to dispel that power trip is to NOT REACT. That means you have to toughen yourself up and stay calm and cool under all circumstances.  Instead of being angry about it you should feel sorry for him. When is the last time you actually did something kind and helpful for him? You should practice doing that more often. The more you feel hurt the more compassionate you need to act in return because THERE IS A REASON for his behavior toward you even if you don't know what it is.

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    Talk to your parents each time it happ3ens

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    NOTE: i tell my parents this but, again, they think i go on and on about it. they will generally punish him by taking the phone hes on all the time but he manages to get it back by using the homework excuse. 

    they dont know what to do either tbh, and theyre pretty busy trying to get him to do exercise. they use the excuse 'he's just immature' and 'he'll grow up' but they dont understand how much it affects me. and yes ive tried and tried telling them and cryign to them but they think im pathetic. im scared of him

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