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Having issues completing a ACH transfer between ACCs please input is welcome!?

What am I not getting as far ACH transfer rules between LINKED accounts? I tried to move money from My Pen Fed CU ACC to my finace's Chime bank. I did so by adding my fiance's Chime to my Pen Fed's trusted external ACC transfer option. (2 small deposits were made and made without problem.) So I initiated a 1500.00 dollar transfer to chime after I added account successfully of course. About two days later Chime turned down the transfer. Their Reason Was this... Amount X failed to post to chime savings, The reason being chime is only able to accept direct deposits when the depositors name matches with Chime's account holder name. Is this normal? I don't get why chime is such a pain for my girl seems like their missing key features. Or at least I think being able to transfer from verified account to verified account regardless of account holder has never been a issue unless I am completely mistaken which could also be the case lol. Anyways I can almost certainly remember initiating a trusted non internal Pen Fed transfer to a Wells Fargo account that belonged to my mom. If I remember right I sent over 8k out in a 4mth window to her. Is this no longer the case? No more being able to send money via ACH transfers through Pen Feds external account link? Do external accounts HAVE to be under my name to transfer to? or is this a Chime related issue?

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    Ask your bank.

    Note: Transfers between linked accounts ARE NOT ACH transactions.

    Fuente(s): 22 year bank employee.
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    It's like your Pen Fed account doesn't allow such a large transfer.

    You sent mom $8000 over 4 months.... not $8000 in one lump sum.

    Wouldn't it have been better to call PenFed instead of ask a bunch of strangers.

    Almost all banks and credit unions in the US use Zelle.  Why is Pen Fed behind the times?

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    i HAVE no idea what ACC is. Accounts?

    I don't think you can ACH money with 3rd parties.

    I use banks and CUs, not apps.

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