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does anyone know a Story/Novel/Manga, where the Main character is a doll? or atleast commonly controls dolls.?

I'm just curious as a story like that might be good. the closest I've gotten was threadbare on royal road. but i would prefer a human doll. Also preferably female as a female human doll is usually closer to what i want. A male human doll would just be a robot or treated like a robot.

i have a preference for slightly creepy dolls and for a human doll only a female would really be creepy. Of course the story doesn't have to be creepy. I just want a unusual main character and I remember a good novel where the mc controlled these tiny little dolls arming them with weapons. (the dolls were practically fairy's… just without any wings) can't find that story anymore... what a shame.

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    Pinocchio       .

  • hace 3 meses

    Maybe not specific to your desire for creepy, but Chobits and its related material like Angelic Layer calls some characters dolls, but could just as easily been called robots.

    I seem to remember Another having creepy dolls.

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