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My dad has been on a ventilator because of the coronavirus. His lungs are now in such bad condition that the ventilator?

is not working. The Doctor is predicting that ths heart will stop and he wanted to know if they should do CPR or not. If CPR is done then he will probably live the rest of his life as a cripple and ne on the ventilator. So this is a terrible decision to make. So considering the circumstances, should CPR be done or not hen his heart stops?


He is 84 years old.

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    Sad that you never had a frank discussion about such things with your father.

    It is a difficilt topic for many but important we all discuss with our next of kin.

    My daughter is well aware that I would not want recussitation in that situation.

  • hace 3 meses

    First of all, sorry. How old is he? Above 70 and I would consider forgoing CPR.

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