Is there such thing as a COVID approved facemask that allows you to put a cold compress/ something when you're outside?

Somebody threw the idea at me and I had no idea if such a thing existed in either today they were just asking it would be nice if they had such a thing where you could put like us gel pack inside to keep your face cool it wouldn't touch your face but it would allow for the places around your mouth to feel cool and I was like I don't know if that exists and they were like we should create that if it doesn't. does anybody know if there's such a thing? because I was thinking that be a great idea for when you're working long hours outside or in a factory where you can't keep cool. 


I apologize if this is in the wrong category for this question. I considered putting it in the health category but I didn't know where it would fit within health because I checked .

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    hace 4 meses

    If you could come up with something that cools the face along the bridge of the nose, cheeks and mouth to feel cool then you would have literally MILLIONS of people being Frye from Futurama saying Shut up and take my money. And not just warehouse and factory worker, anyone who lives where temperatures go above 80.  Especially women who are pre menopausal and those on the depths of hot flashes. As bad as a hot flash is in the summer a hot flash on a hot and humid summer day a hot flash in a mask is worse. Hot flash s are best controlled by fanning the face, allowing the body's cooling mechanism to cool everything else. With the face covered that's impossible. 

    So yes, please try to come up with something to help everyone suffering in the summer swelter. 

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    How could you breathe through a gel pack?

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    Sounds like a great idea. Might also help those of us who get light headed and dizzy while being forced to wear one ALL the time. Good luck with it!

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