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La cabeza de mi pene es grande, mas ancha que el pene. Mi pene erecto mide 16 cm. Cuando tengo sexo anal les duele a las chicas. Es normal?

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  • Jesus
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    To have the head of the big penis is good for one because it feels a lot of pleasure when penetrating the vagina, and also expands it so that the rest among easier, is to keep in mind that if there are women that it hurts them when they are made by the vagina, then more it will hurt him if is made by the anus. I have had experiences of that type with women that have requested me that makes him anal sex, and when beginning they don't tolerate because it hurts them, because my penis is thick and has the big glans as a mushroom, and it costs so that enters, to me it doesn't hurt me anything because I am circumcised, but to them if, use this way lubricant.   

  • hace 3 meses

    hay penes de todas las formas

    y eso no se puede cambiar

  • hace 3 meses

    Es mu normal, y utilízalo para bien, solo cuando tengas sexo anal utiliza mas lubricante para que no le duela mucho.

  • hace 3 meses

    es normal,  algunos lo tienen mas cabezón, generalmente los circuncidados, solo trata de hacerlo mas lento para que no les duela tanto

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