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Do I need to use fungicide for my plant?

I have a succulent pot that I water around every 2-3 weeks, and I always make sure the soil is completely dry (I check about an inch deep) before watering.  I just bought a new grow lamp bc my echeveria wasn’t getting enough sun. A day after I began using the grow lamp, it was time to water, so I soaked the soil (I use Miracle Gro’s cactus potting mix over a layer of stones and some activated charcoal sprinkled in, and yes, the pot has a drainage hole, and when I water, I hold the pot over the sink until it stops dripping from the drainage hole). The morning after I watered for the first time with the grow lamp, 3 small mushrooms had grown out of the soil overnight. This has never happened, so maybe the grow lamp caused more growth from fungi that has been present in the soil? I’ve had my succulents for only about 2-3 months. They appear mostly healthy besides the etiolating echeveria (hence the new grow lamp). One of the aloe leaves is ever so slightly droopy, but not enough that I would say it looks overwatered, and it’s only 1/12 leaves on the plant. I pulled out the mushrooms and removed the top layer of soil where the mushrooms had sprouted, but do I need to use some fungicide too?  Do you think I could be overwatering? I have been very careful not to, but these are my first succulents, so maybe I’m still overdoing it and I just don’t know how to tell? I don’t want to underwater either.

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    water soon drains through a pot ..we water ours every week least ..they grow like mad 

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