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How to get my autistic parent to listen to me?

I'm 16, and my entire life my dad, who is 'high functioning' on the autism spectrum, has restricted me from the internet. He has all of my devices under lock and key, and it has been increasingly difficult to get things done, even things that he wants me to get done, as the years go on. 

I understand his concern, and did as a child, so I didn't start bringing anything up until recently, unless I got mad about specific things. As a teenager who is of the age of consent, I feel I should be allowed to have a phone with free access to the internet, or at least be able to download the apps that I want.

The reason he's kept it locked up, he says, is because I haven't shown that I've responsible. I do what he asks, and still he says I'm not responsible. I get that he may not trust me for some reason, but he hasn't given me a chance to even show him that he can trust me with internet usage. 

I get they may not want me looking at inappropriate stuff, fine, the one time I had internet access as a teenager I did, and apparently that's a bad thing. But honestly you can't expect a kid to get through life without making mistakes, ya know? 

Anyway, the point is, Everytime I try to bring things up, he shuts down. He doesn't talk, doesn't respond, doesnt even acknowledge that I exist. I would just like him to listen to my wants and needs, and consider them, and give me the reasoning as to why my suggestions wouldn't work. But Everytime I try, nada. 

So how do I get him to listen to me? 

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    just use the internet at your friends house

  • Anónimo
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    You're confusing "age of consent" with "age of majority."  Age of consent is the age when a person can consent to sex.  Age of majority is the age when legally you're considered an adult.  In most states that legal age is eighteen and in some states it's nineteen.  There's more to this story.  Let's hear it.

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