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Should i get another bunny after one of mine died?

one of my bunnies died today. i had to bury it, and i’ve basically been bawling all day. but i feel really bad for her partner because now she’s alone. I don’t want another rabbit because i don’t think i can live with the loss of three adorable little buns, but my bunny seems REALLY sad and i think another rabbit would help after she’s had some time to grieve. BUT that rabbit is already 5 and once she passes the other bunny will experience the same thing. any help on this decision is greatly appreciated.

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    Give her time. I assume she's spayed? If so, look for rabbit rescues and let them know you are looking for a bondmate. They may have some rabbits that are around the same age as yours. (Rabbits can live 10+ years, so she should still have plenty of time.)

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