Is it possible to create a website without coding? I want to make a website without coding show me the way to do that.?

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  • hace 4 semanas

    Yes, You can use CMS Like WordPress. Thanks

  • hace 4 semanas
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    hace 1 mes

    you want to get a WYSIWYG editor. does that for you.

  • hace 1 mes

    Yes. Like Eddie said, there are websites that are dedicated to build your own website. Pages like Wix,GoDaddy, and so on have services where you can build a website. These are mainly "point and click" and don't usually require any knowledge of web development. They're meant for people who want a simple website that is quick and easy to setup and manage.

    If you actually want to understand what you're doing and all of the stuff on the back end, that's where you want to learn HTML, CSS, and other back-end programming.

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