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If my crotch chafes on a bike, is my seat too high?

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    I can think of one other & sum it up in two words.  Blue jeans.  If you're wearing either long blue jeans or blue jean shorts, no wonder your crotch chafes.  Worst material ever for cycling.  Get yourself some specific cycling attire.  Hint, cycling shorts or bibs are designed to be worn 'commando' style.  No underwear.  I know that sounds gross, but they're so comfortable!  

    If not that, at least find a pair of tightly woven polyester shorts.  The course blue jean material made of cotton will rub you raw!  If you don't like the tight fitting look of cycling shorts, you can always get some mountain bike shorts. 

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    Quite the contrary. It could be too LOW. Couple of things could be causing your problem, but I'll start with saddle height first. With the balls of your feet centered on the pedals, on the downstroke (6 o'clock) position there should be a SLIGHT bend in the knee. And by 'slight' - I mean 10 to 15 degrees MAX. Another quick test... With the heel of your foot centered on a pedal, on the downstroke, your leg should be straight. Don't ride like this - test purpose only. Try reading this...   Especially the part on saddle height...

    Could be you're sitting on the nose of the saddle. The widest part of your butt should be on the widest part of the saddle. If it's uncomfortable to ride like that, something's drastically wrong - most likely the bike frame size isn't a good fit for you. If you feel stretched out, there are two things you can do. 1) Loosen the saddle & slide it forward all the way. Retighten & try again. Granted, it only moves maybe half an inch at the most. Could mean the difference between pleasure & pain. 2) Get a different (shorter) "stem" - the part between the handlebar & the steer tube. I swapped out the 100mm stem on my Giant Defy 5 for a 90mm stem. Difference was like night & day.

    Last...saddle width. You could have a saddle too wide. Saddle width is determined by your riding style - forward (road & mountain bikes), angled for touring & trekking and upright for comfort bikes and/or beach cruiser style bikes. YouTube video from Brooks England. The most comfortable saddle I own is LEATHER with NO padding whatsoever - an 'aged' Brooks B17.

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