Does a new wife get social security spousal benefits?

I just saw an advice article in my state newspaper that didn't give advice. The story is a 63 year old on SSI is marrying a 75 year old. It does not specify the 75 year old is on SS, but likely is. Is the wife entitled to a SS dependent benefit based on marriage?


they are engaged and want to get married

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I just wanted to clarify is there was not an exception for a spouse marrying into social security when the one person is already on SS as There is some exception for some children (maybe step children?) joining a parent who is already on SS when the child comes into the family (I don't remember the details on that)

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It said the woman was getting SSI, not any form of social security/dependent benefit.

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    The duration of marriage requirement is one year with one exception - if the person was receiving a widow's or widower's benefit then the one year requirement is waived.  So yes, she would either become entitled the first full month of marriage or one year later.  

    SSI doesn't change the duration of marriage requirement; it is immaterial to her entitlement as a wife when it comes to receiving a social security wife's benefit although when she does become entitled to the wife's benefit, it will reduce the amount of her SSI benefit by all but $20.  In other words, if her wife's benefit is $500 then her SSI benefit will be reduced by $480.  People on SSI don't have a choice.  They MUST sign up for any other type of benefit they are eligible for to cut down on the costs of the SSI program since SSI is based upon financial need - it is a federal welfare program.  Failure to sign up for other benefits results in the SSI benefit being suspended and eventually terminated.

    I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.

  • Yes. The new wife, and any previous wives that have not remarried, or they were married to for over 10 years are entitled to a spousal benefit. 

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    they are engaged and want to get married

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