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Is it a bad thing if your friend doesn’t text you after hanging out?

For the past year I thought my guy friend liked me because I’d catch him staring at me a lot, and he’d always smile at me (none of my other guy friends did that). Anyway, we started texting more during quarantine, and I told him that I liked him and that it was ok if he didn’t feel the same way. He never said if he liked me back or not, but he said that he really wants to hangout with me a lot and see me more. A few weeks later I went to visit him (I don't know if it was a date though. He lives 4 hours from me). Anyway, after our “hangout”, he told me that he wants to hangout again and will try to see me before the semester starts. I texted him when I got back home and he said, “glad you’re home safe! I had fun today!” I haven’t heard from him since then, and it’s been almost 2 weeks. I’m usually the one initiating conversations, so I thought I’d not text him to see if he’ll text me first for once. 

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