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How likely is it to get a stolen computer back?

I recently bought a MacBook pro for college. My grandpa keeps pestering me about downloading software that will track my computer if it gets stolen. 

So, my question is, how likely would it be to get a stolen computer back if I were to get a legal tracking software or use Apples "Find My"? Would the police even be able to get the computer back if I were to give a possible location? (My grandpa truly believes that tracking software would make it so I could get my computer back RIGHT AWAY.)

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    Chances are very low but can be tried

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    there are no guarantees, but your chances of recovery are better with tracking than without.

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    You have to get the police to respond to your query first. I had my cellphone stolen. The cops wouldn't even talk to me. They said I had to fill out a claim on their website first and the website kept crashing.

    I even contacted the guy who bought my stolen cellphone. I knew who had it. I just needed them to go down and get it for me. No dice. They just hung up on me.

  • hace 1 mes

    EXTREMELY UNLIKELY, though including a 'tracking device' inside your computer WILL increase the odds in your favour [favor, if you happen to be one of my American cousins].

    Having said that, anyone that knows about tracking devices would ensure that they don't switch on the computer until such time that they have the tracking device physically removed.

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  • Brian
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    Not good                                  .

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