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What are the odds of the UK and France giving up their nuclear weapons, since other European countries never had nukes?

For those of you who are unaware, South Africa became the first democracy in the world to give up nuclear weapons (DISCLAIMER: South Africa was in the process of jettisoning apartheid and making the transition to a democracy in which all races of man could participate at the time it abandoned nuclear weapons). The UK and France have puny nuclear stockpiles (UK has 195 nukes, France has 290 nukes), and they used to operate nuclear-armed strategic bombers until the 1990s. The Royal Navy and French Navy operate strategic nukes from SLBM-armed nuclear submarines only, and France is the only European country to operate planes armed with tactical nuclear weapons.

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    None the UK is building new Trident submarines to replace the older ones still

    in use. The RN and the USN are using the same design with sections being made in both countries. The number of nuclear warheads the UK can deploy are more than

    the made up number you list.

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    No Chance the UK helped build the first ones

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    zero-- why would they do something as stupid as that?

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