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Why should anyone listen to pretentious douchebags whose life experience amounts to living in a boondocks town working at Wal-Mart?

To be clear I'm not employment shaming, I'm an essential worker myself but when you are someone who lives in a boondocks town, works at Wal-Mart or Burger King and comes across as one of those pretentious douchebags who uses the clap emoji between each word.  Why should anyone take you seriously?

These people normally early to mid-20s try to speak on behalf of everyone who isn't them.  The Lakota tribe for example saying we should destroy Mount Rushmore and 'give the Lakota people back their land' like some pasty white dweeb whose life experience is Tumblr, why should anyone take them seriously?  

They have no proper goal they just want to destroy everything without an actual purpose doesn't matter the context.  Should they look into the context of the drone attacks under Barack Obama?  Nope he shouldn't be celebrated either.  How about George Washington freeing the slaves he inherited in his will?  Doesn't matter, eradicate him too.  There is no end goal or positive impact to be had with these types of people, they just want to self-masturbate their own egos and advocate pretentious ******** like museums are just buildings representing the looting of cultures throughout history which justifies looting storefronts.  They're just as bad as the fascist republicans and libertarians.

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    It's better then listening to enema bags!

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