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I hated impact wrestling and modern wwe. So I stopped watching wrestling, but now I only watch WCW, WWF, and AWA?

Do I have no chance to make it in modern wrestling? AMD it's ok to only like older stuff that's botchy and unpredictable. I like it better. 

I tried to become a wrestler but they dont let you do anything like you see in old matches. They force you to be WWE clones. Also I hate spot fest matches from nxt  and roh.

Could I get back in the ring on some really low budget indie scene? 

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    Yes you can go back and would only work in a handful of small companies. Maybe travel. The problem is that pro wrestling became all hot spots now and everybody models after the WWE, except AEW, but that company still lacks that NWA/WCW feel. 

    Also I guess watching old wrestling is like liking old TV shows instead of new ones. 

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