What do your phone photos' filenames look like?

Please, help me with a quick and simple experiment. The brand of your cellphone is irrelevant, but this **only pertains to non-edited picture files (photos taken using the phone's camera that have not been edited, copied, or renamed). 

Take a random picture - anything of choice (it could be blackness) - and go into either your Gallery or Files to see what the name of the file you just took is called. Comment the names, please. 

If you would like to know what I am doing, in a nutshell, it is analysis. Specifically, the point is to understand how each brand (the experiment focuses on only cellular devices for now, including tablets, phablets, smartphones, classic flip phones, and so forth, and may involve laptops, later). 

Side note: I am already nearing my texting limit for Yahoo descriptions, which used to allow 2,000 words. Since when has this no longer been the case?

Thank you.



*...how each brand (...) organises and formats its media, particularly, captured pictures using the device. 

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