Candle sculpture has run off ?

So I’m trying to make a skull candle for Halloween and I keep getting little rivers of wax that will pour out the side and just make a big puddly mess on the plate it’s sitting on. At first I thought maybe the wick I used was too big and downsized but even when I used a tiny wick it started doing that almost immediately even though the candle wasn’t burning more than a couple minutes. When I patch up the notch with wax it seems to burn fine, but if I end up giving these as party favors I don’t expect my friends to do that, I want it to be fool proof and burn normally without getting messy & ruining the details. Not to mention it burns faster if all the wax is just running out the side, then you’re left with a big blob of wax. I tried looking it up and all I find is people talking about tunneling which I guess is what I’m TRYING to do, minus the wick drowning in its own puddle. It would be nice if I could make these just burn down the middle, no run off. I’m using tealight candle wax right now but I’m going to order harder wax they use for votive candles(?) so that way they’re harder and less fragile. Maybe am I cutting the wick too tall? Please help me, I’m so used to getting people giving me unhelpful answers, so if you don’t know please just don’t answer. I know people make sphere candles, so I know this is possible. 

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    So your skull mold is two halves? A left and right side?  And you are getting melted wax running out the sides? I would say your molds halves are not joined together enough.

    The wick length. would not have anything to do with where the wax runs when melted. 

    Or if you light the wick and the wax burns and rolls off the round skull, then make a dip at the top of the skull where the wick it. A small round indentation.  So the melted wax has a place to start pooling. A harder wax may help too 

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    I have several skull candles i made myself too....I have found that they really dont work...not many sculpures make good skulls are fist sized and like you the candle wax just runs off the round corner..i can only light it to get the wax soft then blow it out and try to make a flat landscape for it..or indented...but it does loook really cool once the wax gets down near the eyes...first it glows like a punches through the eye holes...eye maybe just spoon out a good chunk off the top

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