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What are the dates of the stages of the evolution of technology?

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    In the 1930's computers were invented, but they took up a whole room.  Still, military and business used computers, until the 1970's when small personal computers were invented and developed.  In the 1980's and 90's, laptops began, and the Internet made all information possible.  In the 2000's computer speeds and capacities expanded greatly, especially with Smart Phone computers, cameras, videos, and text communications.

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    I'll give you my opinions on events, you can look up dates

    invention of agriculture

    invention of writing

    invention of arithmetic

    invention of arabic numerals

    invention of printing press

    invention of gunpowder

    discovery of electricity

    invention of computers

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    Go back far enough and it would be impossible to tell. It spans from the stone age right up to the space and information age.

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