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What's the longest hair length you ever had?

The longest length I had was when it was down to my tailbone.

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    To the top of my hip bone.  I could maybe grow it a little longer but I think that's the limit where it would look nice instead of straggly.  Normally I like it waist length but right now I'm keeping it trimmed to the base of my shoulder blade because it's starting to change texture and I don't want to have a tideline in my hair.

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    Same. My mom and grandma had severe reservations about me wanting my haircut, for YEARS. Finally, in 6th grade, I was able to chop it. I was SO HAPPY. I do like long hair, but my hair is so thick and heavy, it's like a weight behind my back. When it gets to my shoulders, I chop it again, despite TRYING to grow it out.

  • hace 1 mes

    Down to my butt. I used it as a sexual accessory.

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