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Is it free to make a Wikipedia page on a history event?

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    Oh, sorry, but no. No, mate. It'll cost you. A sliding-scale kind of thing, depending on a variety of things. Anyway, hope this hasn't put you off, or anything.

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    hace 1 mes

    yes, but it needs to be sometging significant, not just some local or personal history.

  • hace 1 mes

    It doesn't cost any money to make any page on Wikipedia. That said, it has to follow Wikipedia's guidelines. For example, it has to be a subject with sufficient notability that it needs its own article. What Calvin Coolidge ate for breakfast on April 3rd, 1916 is not worthy of an article named "Calvin Coolidge's breakfast of April 3rd, 1916." It also has to be verifiable, meaning the information in the article can be found in multiple independent sources.

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